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Friday, October 21, 2011

The Death Caused By Young Age

Erica had been dating Jay for almost two months when he broke up with her sudenly, one day at the park.
"I don't understand?"she began to sob.

"It just wont work! Ok?!" Josh was standing with his back to her, trying to avoid looking into her eyes.

"But you," she looked down at the dark blue, cut off Convers he had gotten for her not two weeks befor. Not much has changed since then. He still loves me. He said he would, forever and always. He's just kiding. Right? "Do you love me?"

"I..."he shook his head and finaly turned to face her,"Why would I?" Her look of shock and pain forced him to look away again. "Your like,what, three years younger than me! It could never work!"

"Um," she paused, looked at him, and started to walk away,"ok then." All her life Erica had been told she was to small, to weak, to young. Now the boy she loved had said just that. It broke har heart and she was dead inside.

"Saturday night TV. Not much on tonight, huh Dad," Josh looked over but his father was already asleep. He was about to change the chanel to avoid watching the news when somthing stoped him. It was the uncomon look on the perky news lady's face. She looked neer tears.

"Thank you Tom. Now for some very sad news, a local girl was found dead in her room." Josh frose as his Erica  flashed on the screen. "15 year old Erica Smith hung herself earlier today. The family in devistated and all that they can say is that after a trip to the park she went to her room in tears. There has been no progress on finding the cause for her suden actions except for a note alressed to J, found hidden in her Convers." Still frosen Josh listened on horrer to what the note said. "It reads, 'My Dearest Love, age shouldn't matter and now it never will. With love only for you, Erica."

Not wanting to hear more he turned of the TV and walked outside.

He finished his note and placed a rock on top of it. "Forever and always." With that he steped of the bridge falling twords tumbling water below...

P.S. Josh did not die but had seriouse injeries. It is he who i got most of my information from beacuse i didn't see my best friend,Erica, befor she died.

Josh's Letter:

My Beautiful E,
You were right, age dosn't matter at all. I do love you. I will love you forever and always.
                                                                                                                              See you soon my love.

This was a true story about my friend Erica.
Erica, R.I.P. my dear friend.

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